VIP Homeschooling Worldwide

A full educational program offered for homeschooled children at the parents properties or our locations worldwide, age 3 till 18, including the successful completion of the appropriate exams and tests, preparing for entry to Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge and other universities.

 All Harvard program with exception of a few subjects will be taught on our locations or your properties.

The undergraduate and graduate Harvard program will be offered under supervision of our Tutors/Instructors.

  • Tutoring Fee: from € 50,000.-/school year
  • Duration instruction: 35 weeks per year
  • Option 'live out': travel, accommodation, FB costs of the teachers will be added.
  • Option 'live in': accommodation, FB - no extra charges apply
  • Worldwide Personal Improvement Coaches for teens
  • Registration

VIP-Celebrites-Governess Foundation is a high profile governess & private tutors & nanny agency providing education & Edu childcare services worldwide. We specialize in offering highly professional education and nanny services, live in or live out governesses/private tutors in private households, estates and corporations of royalty, VIP, celebrities, top executives and professional families around the world

Our professionals are at your service on your luxury yacht, private Jet or even in the desert during a private safari in the UAE or at any other spot or event worldwide. Assignments as short as 4 hours for a Private Tutor or nanny are offered, but of course also long term assignments.

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